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Connects sellers and buyers of businesses and facilitates the transaction.

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CFOB assists in determining a fair market price for your business, prepares a professional offering memorandum on your company, searches for buyers through discreet networking, referrals and company data bases, assists negotiating the price, terms, conditions, and coordinates closing details between the buyer and the seller, attorneys, accountants, lenders and suppliers.


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Business Broker
• Assist in developing overall strategy for selling a business.
• Determine fair market price for businesses while considering current marketing conditions.
• Prepare offering memorandums on companies to emphasize benefits to the purchasers.
• Conduct search for buyers through business databases, confidential networking, referrals and
• Assist negotiations of price, terms and conditions of sale.
• Coordinate closing details between buyer and seller, attorneys, accountants, landlords, lenders
and suppliers to complete sale.

My background includes several years of business consulting, 20 years of experience in the corporate world in various sales, marketing and management positions and 20 years of experience teaching marketing and management courses in Universities and Colleges.

My corporate experience involved development and execution of marketing plans in various industries, research projects, creating advertising campaigns, designing literature, conducting database management and telemarketing, lead management and trade shows. I was also responsible for other marketing tasks, which included continual networking and development of long-term relationships with customers, trade industry associations and the leading trade journals.

During my teaching career I taught most management and marketing courses covering both domestic and international areas. I developed new courses and programs in the areas of leadership and globalization, including a global business major where the students participate in an international internship with a business in another country.

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5 – 10% on business appraisals. We offer referral fees on qualified buyers and sellers.

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(484) 269-3631


3117 Ashley Lane, Sinking Spring


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(484) 269-3631


3117 Ashley Lane, Sinking Spring


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