Family Enrichment

We offer numerous resources focused on helping strengthen the employee’s families through family enrichment training, discounts, and more.

Business Discounts

Family Fun Discounts

Families that play together, stay together. You have most likely heard that more than once, but it’s true. Therefore, the SBRA has leveraged its Association buying power to help secure many special discounts and package deals to allow you and your family to go out and have fun at numerous attractions and venues.

Date Night

Yes, you read it correctly–DATE NIGHT. You and your spouse deserve a night out every once in a while to spend some quality time with one another. Therefore, once again the SBRA has made arrangements with many MEMBER eating establishments to provide you with a great dining experience at a special price.

Day-to-Day Savings

Your membership will allow you to get a variety of discounts on products and services that you purchase and use every day. They may not be huge, but, at the end of the year, these savings can total up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings.

Professional Services

Financial Management Training

The SBRA will offer several programs to help the families of member employees create and manage a financial plan for their future, a budget and a money management tool. These services will be available through financial specialists, banks, on-line services, and training programs designed to help the user have “financial peace of mind”.

Insurance Sources and Savings

The Small Business Resource Association is proud to announce a strategic partnership that allows us to offer a comprehensive insurance program for SBRA members, their employees and families. Coverage includes Business insurance, Auto, Home, Life, Disability and Health Care.

College Planning Services

Because of the high cost of college tuition these days, tens of thousands of kids graduate each year with a debt so large it makes starting their adult life, financially, very difficult. Proper planning, saving programs and a new saving strategy can help reduce debt and make that career start much more enjoyable.

Securing a Mortgage and Buying a Home

Whether you are a first time home buyer or upsizing or downsizing, there are steps and techniques you should consider and implement to help you find and acquire what will most likely be the biggest single purchase of your life. The SBRA has members that are seasoned professionals that can help you easily navigate each step of your journey and help you save time and money as you go.

Self Help Resources


Help You Services

There are a number of resources that are dedicated to helping families become stronger, closer and happier as they progress through the various stages of life. From how to make your marriage stronger to dealing with your children at all stages of development – the terrible two’s, early childhood development and even dealing with teenagers. Don’t try to do it on your own, learn from other seasoned professionals and then enjoy the process!