Business Improvement

We’re all about members helping members. With all of our business improvement resources, there is no doubt you wil be able to find the support you need to excel in your industry.

Information & Training



SBRA seminars consist of a speaker or panel presenting information in either half or full-day sessions, which the audience can participate through Q & A. All topics are related to business improvement, business development, growth and success. Most speakers will be Association Members sharing their expertise in their particular field of work. A fee will be charged for seminars.


Teaching a particular skill, discipline or behavior that will allow the participant to perform better in their job, be a better leader, be safer or have a better understanding of business finance, law, marketing, development, employee relations and other topics of interest. Training will be provided either live or on-line.


A free, one hour, bi-monthly interactive meeting, led by a facilitator, usually an association member, allowing participants to openly discuss and work on a relevant topic. Workshops will be held at different member locations.

Educational Library

The SBRA Educational Library consists of print, video, audio or digital materials specific to helping business owners as well as their employees and their employee’s families, all leading to business improvement.


SBRA webinars are 30 minute, on-line programs addressing a specific topic and allowing comments and questions from participating members.


The SBRA provides an opportunity for members to reach an audience of local, regional and national entrepreneurs, to share their story and connect with other people. A great marketing tool!

Professional Services


Human Resources Consulting

THE SBRA advises business owners on the most current legal requirements of a business regarding interviewing, hiring, training, supervising, motivating, rewarding and firing of employees.

Legal and Accounting Counseling

Lawyers and Accountants that specialize in understanding the needs of small businesses and can provide advice and direction to protect the business entity both legally and financially.

Financial Sources

We’ve aligned SBRA Member Banks and lending institutions that are prepared and willing to help with the ongoing needs of small businesses to provide assistance for financing, cash flow, working capital or expansion.

Business Start-Up and Exit Strategy Planning

The SBRA provides Member organizations and in-house staff that can help assist a new start-up business as well as help the business owner that is considering selling his or her business or retiring. In either scenario, planning is vital to successfully moving through these key business phases.


Insurance Sources and Savings

The Small Business Resource Association is proud to announce a strategic relationship that allows us to offer a comprehensive insurance program for SBRA members, their employees and families. Coverage includes Business insurance, Auto, Home, Accident, Life, Disability and Health Care.

More Business Improvement

Business Networking

Having the right business “connections for success” is vital for growth. The SBRA provides numerous opportunities for SBRA Members to meet and get to know one another and develop relationships that can and will be mutually beneficial.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

The SBRA provides a series of small group or one-on-one meetings designed to help business owners and/or their key employees learn from others.

Culture Development

Every GOOD business will be known for their culture, what is your business’ culture? How do you create a culture that will help your business grow and create a working environment that everyone wants to be part of? Become the employer of choice.

Business Assessments

The SBRA provides a detailed questionnaire specific to business performance designed to identify areas of opportunity for change. This process is reviewed and facilitated by a SBRA staff member followed by recommendations for growth.

The Pitch

The Pitch is a unique service of the SBRA, designed for someone that is interested in starting a new business or in need of additional capital to expand and grow. The Pitch program will assist the owner in preparing their business plan and presentation. Then, when ready, the owner will have an opportunity to “throw” their PITCH to a small group of bankers and investors to either get one of them to meet and discuss the opportunity or to get constructive comments on steps they will need to take in order to secure an interested lender.

The Huddle

The SBRA Huddle is an hour-long meeting between a business owner and a select team of SBRA business associates chosen with the expertise and experience that can help owners deal with a particular situation or problem facing their business. The ultimate purpose is to help the owner find a possible solution, develop a plan and then help guide them through the process


Tied into some of the SBRA workshops, seminars and training programs will be Certificates of Participation or Certificates of Achievement to allow participants the opportunity to accumulate hours of documented education and training to further their career.

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