Dena Breslin unfolds her story in a way that lets you know you can do it too and she will be there to help.

Dena Breslin, MSPAS, CTACC, has had a full and varied 20 year career path, from specialty sales rep in a top 5 pharmaceutical company, to practicing medicine as a physician assistant, to a stay-at-home, then work-from-home mom with a thriving multi-million dollar party plan business, to a life, business and relationship coach.

Currently an ICF Certified Life Coach, Dena’s coaching practice, myaHAMind, incorporates one on one coaching, executive, small business & group coaching, teleseminars, and public speaking.
Her simple focus is to quiet the voice in our heads that has us believing something that is simply untrue and does not serve us for where we want to go. Her passion is to retrain the mind to hear the REAL you, and lay the groundwork for new habits for a new life story.

An entrepreneur at heart, who thrives on curiosity and reinvention, it was in 2009 that a ground-breaking opportunity with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski presented itself. As a Founding Leader with Touchstone, Dena still works toward the personal development of the women and men on her team. And, more than people realize and understand, direct selling allows viable earning power. “A six-figure income may not be what someone desires, however, earning $60-120/hour working part time, four or five days a month, can change someone’s life. There are no magic start up kits, no magic companies. If you run an organization right, then you are a CEO, developing and using the very same business and leadership skill sets that any corporate CEO is using.”

Dena is a retired Master Physician Assistant, with 7 years practice in Gastroenterology. Her experience is both inpatient and outpatient care. Her Pharma Sales experience was uniquely specific to the launch of HIV/AIDS drugs here in the US and Canada in the early 1990s.

What a wonderful path so far……each experience building on the preceding one.